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about us

The Restoring Foundation is a referral platform to a Consolidation Loan company that assists families with consolidating their student loans, personal loans, credit cards and more. We also aid in rental/mortgage assistance, credit restoration, home buying and more. The Restoring Foundation will give back to the community by helping as many families get restored! We welcome every family to apply. We want to take the burden and stress off of families, by getting them the funding they need to restore their credit, buying power and ability to have financial freedom. 

The Restoring Foundation does not get any funding from the government for our assistance programs. They operate on donations. However, our loan program approves clients that qualify. Clients will need a credit score of 520 or above, steady income, open bank account and valid state identification. We service all states. Most clients see an increase in their credit score within 60 days of disbursement. Once we pay the debts in full, we repair our clients' credit to give them the highest score possible. If our clients are under a 520 credit score, we welcome them to apply to our Credit Repair program that will help them get to the approved 520 credit score range. We challenge duplications, remove delinquencies, and give our clients advice to pay down their debt in order to increase their score. Ask about our 60 day Money Back Guarantee! At The Restoring Foundation, our mission is to restore communities one family at a time!

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